Transformations & Testimonials

Sophie Moreland – 10 months 

Not every transformation takes 12 weeks! This was a year in the making. I first met Sophie at Virgin Active and convinced her to enter into a competition I was running to win 1 month of Personal Training. After reluctantly entering, she ended up winning the competition and after completing her 4 sessions she fell in love with the gym and how her body was able to be pushed more than she had previously realized and the rest is history.

Its been amazing seeing her transform from a shy girl who couldn’t even look at the camera to getting in amazing shape and having a photo-shoot with top photographer Chris Bailey. This girl hasn’t put a foot wrong and after 8 months of seeing how much her body had changed she decided to make the jump and prep for this shoot. Her time from wanting to have a photo-shoot to the pictures being takes was 12 weeks, and I think you will agree her results are fantastic. 

Ryan James – 14 Weeks 

So say hello to my youngest brother, Ryan. Ryan was getting fed up of going to the gym, training hard, but not getting the returns he expected or probably deserved. After reviewing his diet, I gave him the roadmap that could help him, but only if he followed my advice.

For next 14 weeks, without exception, Ryan did exactly what was asked of him, even when in the middle of his A-Level exams. The results speak for themselves. I’m extremely proud of him.

After this transformation, Ryan decided to change his chosen course of study at university and he is now working hard for a degree in Nutrition. 

Sam Goodson – 6 Weeks 

Sam came to me after being recommended by another one of my clients. He was going away with a group of friends within 6 weeks of our first meeting and wanted to have an amazing set of abs for the beach. I explained that with such a limited time frame it would be touch and go and there could be no room for complacency.  

We met only once a week, meaning the pressure was on him to push himself in the gym, and work at the level I set and would expect had he been training with me more regularly. Once again, Sam adhered to everything I said and without regular contact and his determination, the results where amazing! 

Omar Alqasemi – 10 weeks 

Omar gave me 10 weeks to get him in shape ready to go back home for the summer. Omar certainly didn’t mess around and achieved some amazing results.  

Once again nutrition was key and simply changes around his nutrient timing and adding in the right foods at the right time and the fat just dropped off him. 

Chris Grimwood – 10 months 

As soon as I met Chris I fully believed that he wanted to change.  

This was a guy who had trained for years and was clearly no stranger to hard work. All it took was a little education about what and when to eat certain foods, and Chris went away and continued to work his socks off just as he had done before.  

This time though his body was responding to all the hard work he was putting in and week on week Chris could see his body changing for the better. His goal was simple ‘get a 6pack’ but now I’ve educated him on how to keep his 6pack.  

Great work Chris and there will be more to come from this guy!  

Sarah Coulston – 1 Year and Still Going Strong 

Sarah messaged me on Facebook after returning from a holiday with her boyfriend. She was unhappy with how she looked in the photos and wanted to do something about it.  

After agreeing to help, we sat down and evaluated where she was with her food. Contrary to what you may think she wasn’t eating enough and the food she was eating was of such poor quality that her hormones were all over the place. After making slow and steady changes to her diet and educating her on what we were doing, she was able to see what dramatic changes food could have on her body and also on her overall health and wellness.  

Her training intensity is through the roof and she now regularly trains 4 times a week and has got other friends and family working out with her at a local leisure center when she isn’t training with me. This girl is a true inspiration and show exactly what can be achieved. 

Seamus Casey – 16 Weeks Online Training 

WHAT SEAMUS SAID ABOUT HIS ONLINE TRAINING EXPERIENCE: “I recently completed my first 16 week on line personal training with Daniel James. In our initial consultation, we set out my goals. Daniel put together a training program and a food plan to start and explained the reasoning behind its structure.  

It was then over to me. But I wasn’t on my own. Daniel made it clear that he was only an e-mail away (and as the weeks passed a text or phone call away).  

I checked in on-line every Thursday with my progress photos, training log and check in sheets and every Thursday Daniel would respond with words of praise, encouragement and motivation. Daniel made the necessary adjustments to the food plans and training program based on my weekly check in reports and photos, explaining the reasons for the adjustments. This made the plan easier to understand and to follow.  

It quickly became clear to me that Daniel saw how committed I was to the program and I saw how committed Daniel was as well. I looked forward to my weekly check in and now that I am finished, the 16 weeks seem to have passed so quickly.  

To say that I am pleased with my do results is an understatement and I can’t thank Daniel enough for his professional contribution, commitment and friendship in helping me achieve and then exceed the goals that were set down during that initial consultation.  

I have been fortunate in finding such a dedicated and professional personal trainer in Daniel and have no problem in recommending Daniel to anyone.” 

Chris Saunders – 5 Months 


“Five months ago I realised things had to change. A visit to the doctor told me that my blood pressure was 200/125. As a result of this I decided to do something about it. I enrolled at M10 and started working with my personal trainer Daniel James. We immediately hit it off, he was inspiring, in the extreme and very supportive. 

Five months in and I’ve now lost three stone. I feel fantastic, have far more energy, and what’s even better is that my blood pressure is now regularly in the region of 115/75.

I know my journey is not complete, but many thanks to Dan for the hard work you’ve put in so far.”

Lauren Astle 

Lauren gave me just 8 weeks to prepare her for a photoshoot to help promote her Personal Training business. This girl trained like a machine and harder than some guys I know.  

She always asked the right questions and always wanted to know WHY I was doing certain things. Thats the attitude that sets people apart from the crowd and helps get them incredible results. 

Ryan James – 2nd Transformation- 11 weeks 

Hard work from my youngest brother Ryan! 

Now this one is special, not just because he is my brother but 2 years ago Ryan was my first ever 12 week transformation. He has been busy studying at university and enjoying being a student but was ready to hit the summer hard! It’s amazing to see his progress over the 2 years, he has clearly added some much needed size. 

Ryan worked with me completely online and was honestly a pleasure to work with. 

lex Lewin – 16 Weeks Hard Graft 

My client and now friend Alex. 

He came to me wanting to get big, and only get big. But after explaining to him that getting big whilst in his current shape wouldn’t be a good look. 

Once I got his trust we set about getting him lean so we could build his mass on a good solid base! 

Alex did this transformation staying on the same nutrition plan the entire time and only ended on 20 minutes cardio every other day. 

Dan Rylance 

Dan came to me 5 weeks ago before heading to Vegas on holiday and wanted to get into the best shape of his life. 

It was the perfect opportunity for me to test out my new training system that I’ve been working on over the last few months. Dans strength went up week by week whilst stripping unwanted body fat. 

His nutrition stayed the same over the 5 weeks with only training intensity and cardio being used to illicit the fat loss response I desired. Great work and next time we are going the full 8-12 weeks to totally shred. 

Alison – 8 Weeks of INCREASING Food! 

That’s right, this transformation was done by increasing calories for 8 weeks!! Alison came to me wanting to feel comfortable in a bikini for her holiday to Jamaica, and potentially get some abs! However her calories were so low, I said their was no way I could ethically use my conventional fat loss approach, in such a short time frame. 

After sitting down and explaining my reasonings, and my potential plan of getting her to EAT MORE! Alison jumped on board and trusted me to give her the body she wanted. 

She now goes on holiday eating more than her partners dad does, feels incredible and has very little chance of rebounding!! 

Too many women, and guys for that matter, try and diet on such little calories and wonder why they fail.  


When Rachel started with me she was drinking 2 shakes a day and having one small ‘main meal’ in the evening. 

Rachel came for help because she wanted to get bikini ready for her friends hen do, but her body wasn’t changing and she couldn’t eat less as already feeling rubbish… 

Going from eating maybe 800 calories a day, at a push (mainly from shakes), to just under 2,000 and having carbs with every meal has completely changed her physique. Rachel had previously trained hard but not necessarily done the right training to get the physique she wanted. 

You need to fuel your body to have the energy to feel good and train hard. If you’re eating near to nothing how do you expect to feel good and how are you going to make adjustments to get your body to where you want it to be. Eating less and training more isn’t the answer. 

Steven James – 4 Weeks 

Steven began his programme at the same time as my other brother, he is still going strong and, now realising how to structure and work-out his macronutrients to better complement his training, he is now in even better shape. 

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