Are you missing pieces to your fat loss puzzle?? 

Fill in those missing pieces, and learn the six little known things, that could be holding you back from the body you desire.  

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Foreword by Dr. Bryan Walsh

‘Diet and exercise are tools, they are necessary to build the body of your dreams, but there are more important factors involved, which Daniel highlights in this valuable text.’   

Dr Bryan Walsh

‘The six missing pieces to your fat loss puzzle’
you will discover:  

Why you may not actually be eating enough for fat loss!  

How to calculate how much you should be eating  

When is the best time to eat your macronutrients?  

Are carbs the enemy?  

And much much more !!! 

What are people saying about ‘The Six Missing Pieces To Your Fat Loss Puzzle? 

‘Daniel combines an impressive knowledge of human biology with a personable writing style, the end result is an indispensable accompaniment for those serious about fat loss.’ 

Thomas Frear

Insightful and very useful, as always a light hearted read with great tips!  

Monique Clements

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